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Sync Email and More

Wirelessly Sync your Google Apps email, contacts and calendars with your BlackBerry.

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blackberry google sync

Help and support

Fully trained support staff to help you get setup and working fast!.

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BlackBerry for Google


Read our customers frequently asked questions about our service.

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Google Sync Pricing

Easy pricing

$9.99 per BlackBerry per month. Discounts available for volume users.

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Get all the Security benefits of having your own BlackBerry 10 Enterprise Server ( Remote Lock, Remote Wipe ) and let us handle the server, software and licensing.
Wirelessly and effortlessly you can have two way synchronization between your Google Apps email and your BlackBerry device.

Hosted BES 10 Server

Experience the benefits of Google Apps without interrupting the BlackBerry experience you're already accustomed to!

Hosted BES 10 for Google Apps

Technology … where to begin! It can be your best friend or your worst enemy. That’s where GBESX.com comes in. We’re revolutionizing the way people communicate with hosted Blackberry for Google Apps.

Now you can wirelessly sync your Blackberry with your Google Apps email. Sync your contacts, calendar and email as well. Get really handy security features like remote lock and remote wipe.

Hosted Blackberry for Google Apps
The new BlackBerry 10 Enterprise Server provides full support for BlackBerry 10 devices, iOS and Android. Enjoy two-way synchronization between your BlackBerry device and your Google Apps email.

Hosted BlackBerry 10 makes it easy for users to get the most from their Blackberry smartphone and it enables companies to manage a multi-platform mobile environment. Help your employees manage time, prioritize tasks, and stay in touch.

Improve Workflow & Efficiency
Blackberry 10 Enterprise Servers bring your people together in a whole new way so that your company can move at the speed of today’s global business. Empower your people to do more! Each of the exciting new features of BlackBerry 10 work seamlessly together to deliver the ultimate end user experience.

Give Employees the Tools They Need
Truly mobilize your business. Deploy, manage, secure and control BYOD and corporate devices. Get true Push Email where messages sent from and received in your Gmail inbox are automatically pushed to your BlackBerry smartphone within 60 seconds, keeping both inbox's up-to-date.

Safe, secure, easy … that’s the beauty of Hosted BES10. And it’s only available from GBESX.com.
  • Easy Pricing!
  • Non-stop Benefits!
  • Excellent Tech Support!

  • So what are you waiting for? Call us today! 516-484-0077 - We’d love to be your new partner for success in this global, mobile world.

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